A New Kind of Normal

From party girl to house wife

For the moms still trying to figure it all out

From party girl to house wife

WARNING: My dry sense of humor and sarcasam will THRIVE in these blogs

I originally decided to make this blog to keep a chronicle of Bryson's first year and my first year as a mom but I swear so much crazy stuff happens in my life it's about time I start writing it all down.So basically then the purpose of this blog is to entertain and enlighten while keeping close family and friends, or even curious bystanders, up to date on what's going on in my life. I want to share funny stories and experiences about my everyday routine and also give any advice or tips I've discovered along the way. I promise to always discuss trendy topics and give me readers 100% raw material! (I can't promise perfect Grammer or spelling lmao )

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